Construction phase

During the construction phase, the focus is on getting the leasing property into a state of repair that would allow it to be used for its intended purpose during the ordinary leasing duration:

construction project

  • usual case
    • new construction
    • replacement new construction
  • exception
    • conversion
    • renovation
  • builder
    • generally, the lessee outwardly takes on the role of builder (buidling supervisor) and works with the architects, planners and builders or with the full-service or general contractor
    • in the meantime, there are lessors, that take the helm themselves and insist on acting as the builder in charge of the leasing property


  • services provided
    • control of costs and agreed matters
    • construction loan controls
    • technical construction consulting and construction management
    • possible construction site supervision
  • processing fees
    • lessor’s services
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