Main and subsidiary agreements

Main agreement

A real estate leasing agreement is always a contract between a lessor and a lessee.

Every real estate leasing provider has its standard agreements, which are to a certain extent negotiable; the limitations are usually found in the financial or commercial areas.

Separate or related agreements, subsidiary agreements and additional or ancillary agreements.  

Agreements with third parties, which are necessary for the realisation of the real estate leasing project, are usually

  • made dependent on the finalisation real estate leasing agreement,
  • finalised under a suspensive condition (precedent condition). 

Application cases

The following types of third-party agreements and understandings are conceivable:

    • independent agreements
      • independent agreements between the same parties to the agreement (or with third parties)
    • separate agreements
      • separate but linked agreements in the relationship of main and ancillary agreement
    • subsidiary agreements
      • amending subsidiary agreements
      • ancillary subsidiary agreements
    • ancillary agreements
      • additional agreement separate from the main agreement
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