Leasing phases

A leasing transaction can be broken down into the following material and chronological phases:

1) Acquisition phase

  • purchase of the building site foreseen as leasing property from the lessee or a third party or possibly “acquisition” of independent and lasting construction rights against the property of the lessee or a third party.
  • construction preparations

2) Construction phase

  • realisation of construction plans (new construction, replacement or conversion)
  • in accordance with the specifications agreed to in the leasing contract

3) Usage phase

  • transfer of the leasing property for the contractually agreed use or planned use by the lessee
  • beginning
    • handing over of the leasing property
  • end
    • expiration of the ordinary leasing duration

4) Disposal phase

  • disposing of the leasing property after the ordinary end to the lease
  • to the lessee or a third party
    • alternative
      • extension of the leasing agreement
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