For real estate, leasing companies offer the following leasing variations (with their procedural elements):

  • capital goods leasing = leasing for commercial purposes and for creating operational capacity  
  • real estate leasing for the commercial use of the leasing property
  • application cases
    • office and administration buildings
    • production and commercial facilities
    • hotel and restaurant real estate
    • warehouses and shopping centres
    • parking garages
    • sports and tourism infrastructure
    • public and government buildings

real estate leasing and capital leasing

  • capital leasing = leasing for the medium and long-term paid usage and right to use transfer of real property capital goods
  • operations leasing = leasing with short-term primary contract terms, although this type of leasing tends to move in the direction of commercial site rentals, and for this reason, it is not offered by real estate leasing companies; conceivable area of application: interim use of industrial sites

real estate leasing and sale-and-lease-back


  • founding of a OpCo
  • founding of a PropCo
  • spinning off real estate into the PropCo
  • leasing
  • sale to leasing company and or leasing agreement


  • founding of a OpCo
  • founding of a PropCo
  • spinning off real estate into the PropCo
  • rent-back agreement
  • sale to leasing company


  • credit granted by outside parties
  • against “collateral” (usage rights to the property in case the debtor cannot meet its obligations where the lender itself has the right to operate the property and collect the income until the repayment of the loan, including interest)

real estate leasing as partial amortisation

  • leasing with partial amortisation of leasing with non-full pay-out agreement = leasing, where the lessor is not able to fully amortise its total investment costs through the agreed leasing payments
  • real estate leasing, which only allows for the amortisation of the building depreciation as a consequence of the stable value of the land, can – without it commonly being defined so – fulfil the criteria of partial amortisation leasing 


  • OpCo        operation corporation  
  • PropCo     property corporation  

Further information

  • real estate leasing companies
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